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Rollbit a popular crypto casino has revamped their rewards program to now give 60-70% of the house edge back to their players. An already generous rewards program which forced other casinos to up their own rewards has received a good boost of steroids! Without question Rollbit is the most player rewarding Casino in the entire game. Rollbit will trial this rewards program for 1 month. If it proves to be sustainable it will become permanent.

Rollbit Rewards Program

Rollbit gives back to its players in multiple ways. Instant Rakeback, Instant Rollback, Rank up Bonuses, Leaderboard rewards, Loyalty, and Loss back Rewards. Rollbit will deposit these rewards to your casino wallet, and you can withdrawal immediately or used for anything on the Rollbit casino. have wagered around $600,000 on Rollbit and we have enjoyed over $6500 in rewards based on the old rewards program before these changes were made. It is crazy to think what our future rewards will look like!


Rollbit Rakeback

Rollbit gives back 40% of the house edge back from every wager you make. This accumulates as you wager and is available to claim immediately. There is no limit on when or how many times you can claim your instant Rakeback. This is a 700% increase from their previous Rakeback rewards and must be the most generous Rakeback in the online Casino industry.

Rollbit Cashback

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly cashback have been removed with the new changes. Do not worry if you have unclaimed cashback, you will be able to claim any pending rewards before they are removed completely. This might seem like a step backwards but with the changes to Rakeback and Rank up Bonuses you end up well ahead of the game and the Rakeback is instant, so you do not have to wait to claim them.

Rollbit Rank up Bonuses

Rank up bonuses are awarded as you meet certain wager requirements. These bonuses are issued when you wager the amount required for each level. This is not based on your deposits, but how much you wager during your game play. Players will receive up to 20% of the house edge for their wagers. Here is a breakdown of the levels.

Bronze 1$10,000
Bronze 2$15,000
Bronze 3$20,000
Bronze 4$25,000
Bronze 5$30,000
Silver 1$50,000
Silver 2$75,000
Silver 3$100,000
Silver 4$125,000
Silver 5$150,000
Gold 1$200,000
Gold 2$300,000
Gold 3$400,000
Gold 4$500,000
Gold 5$600,000
Platinum 1$750,000
Platinum 2$1,000,000
Platinum 3$1,500,000
Platinum 4$2,500,000
Platinum 5$5,000,000
Diamond 1$10,000,000
Diamond 2$25,000,000
Diamond 3$50,000,000
Diamond 4$100,000,000
Diamond 5$250,000,000
Blood Diamond$500,000,000

Rollbit Rollback

Players can earn an additional 2.5% to 10% instant Rakeback if you own a V1 Rollbot NFT and attach it to your Rollbit profile. The percentage is based on the rarity of the Rollbot body trait. You can purchase or win a Rollbot in Rollbits no gas fee NFT Marketplace or in the NFT Lootboxes.

Here is a breakdown of the Rollbot NFT body traits and the Rollback percentage of each.

BodyRollback %
Solid Gold10%
Blue Gold9.5%
Persian Gold9%
Bronze Gold8.5%
Gold Steel8%
Stars and Stripes7.5%
Orange Tinge5%
Faded Khaki2.5%

Rollbit Leaderboard Rewards

Five players with the top site-wide wagers each day will win prizes from $125 to $1000. Rollbit says to keep your eye out for a “spicy update” to the leaderboard rewards program.


Rollbit Loyalty Bonus and Loss back Rewards

In addition to all other forms of rewards players may be eligible for loyalty and loss back rewards. You can contact the Rollbit support to request these rewards. Details on the requirements for these rewards is limited to avoid abuse.

Other Rewards

Periodically Rollbit has twitter (@rollbitcom) giveaways and bonus balances . Follow their socials and keep your eyes open!

Sign-up for Rollbit and enjoy the most rewarding rewards program in the entire Casino Game. Please use code: HIGHROLLSLOTS