pinup girls slot

Pinup Girls is an online slot game developed by Pragmatic Play that takes inspiration from the retro pinup models of the 1950s and WW2 era. The game features a loud and confident design with loads of pink coloration, flashing lights, and a jazzy soundtrack. Players are provided with 20 paylines and a betting range of $0.20 to $1000.00 per spin depending on the casino. The game also offers 3 RTP models with return values ranging from 94.43% to 96.44% and is marked as highly volatile by Pragmatic.

Pinup Girls Gameplay

The gameplay of Pinup Girls is unique in that it plays in batches of 10 spins where on the tenth spin, something special may occur. Progression is saved at each bet level, so changing the bet means you start a new round of 10 spins, but going back to the previous levels picks up where you left off. All positions on the middle three reels can have a potential multiplier. On each spin in a 10-spin batch, random positions have their multiplier value increased by +1. These values remain this way until the 10th spin. On the 10th spin, all wild symbols that land on the middle three reels take the multiplier indicated at their respective position. Multipliers are applied to any win which passes through them, and if more than one wild with a multiplier is part of a win, the multipliers are added together. At the end of the ten spins, the multipliers are reset.

Pinup Girls Features:

Pinup Girls offers a number of features that add to the overall gameplay experience. The game features Free Spins, which are triggered when 3, 4, or 5 scatter symbols land. Players can earn 10, 15, or 20 free spins respectively. In free spins, multipliers are activated every 5 spins rather than every 10, and when wilds land, they mark the position they landed in. Then, on every 5th free spin, the positions that were marked by wilds transform into wilds and take on the positions’ multiplier. Multipliers remain until the round ends as well; they do not reset after each fifth free spin. Free spins cannot be retriggered. Additionally, where available, free spins can be bought for 100x the bet.


Pinup Girls does not have a progressive jackpot feature. However, players can still win big with the multipliers, free spins, and the top symbol payout of 37.5x the bet for five pinup models which can pay on multiple lines.

Mobile Compatibility

Pinup Girls is available on any device, including mobile phones and tablets, so players can enjoy the game on the go.


The graphics of Pinup Girls are inspired by the retro pinup models and feature a very colorful and flashy design. Players can expect to see pinup models, pinup model-related objects, and loads of pink coloration. The game also features a Rolling Stones-style lips as the wild symbol.


The sound of Pinup Girls is a jazzy and upbeat soundtrack that adds to the overall retro and confident feel of the game.

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Pinup Girls is a unique and colorful online slot game that takes inspiration from the retro pinup models of the 1950s and WW2 era. The gameplay is unique and offers a fun and exciting experience with the potential for big wins. The graphics and sound add to the retro and confident feel of the game. However, the game’s theme might not be appealing to all players. If you’re a fan of the pinup models and retro themes, then Pinup Girls is definitely worth checking out.